Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 3 - Broken Arrow, OK to Winslow, AZ

Larry and I had an amazing day that added new dimensions, perspectives and definitions to our lives.
The word for today - VASTNESS!!!  We had absolutely no concept of the definition of the word until we hit the plains of Texas!!  And, it continued for hours upon hours all the way to Albuquerque, NM!!!

Really, the saying, "as far as your eyes can see" had a whole different meaning as we had no idea that one could actually see that far out into the horizon.  Looking out at the ocean is one thing, but seeing the land stretch out that far in every direction, with little if any sign of human presence, was almost shocking at times.   And, those huge farms of Indiana and Illinois had absolutely nothing on the MASSIVE "ranches" of Texas.!  You would see a gate to a ranch, a dirt road leading out to the edge of the horizon as far as you could see, and still no sign of a barn, a house - nothing but brown soil, scrub brush and tumbleweed for miles upon miles with a sprinkling of cows here and there.  A beauty all its own!!

Then, in the blink of an eye,  you cross the border into New Mexico and the mesas just pop up out of the desert floor in all of their splendor.  Absolutely amazing!!   The pictures we took could not capture their beauty but we tried!

A Sparks Shout Out from Broken Arrow, OK


One of many, many windmill farms of Oklahoma

Welcome to Texas!

Glimpse of one of the many cotton farms in Texas and the most massive haystack we have ever seen  - about 40 ft high and a football field long (this one is for Keenan and Clay)!


Sparks Shout Out from "in the middle of nowhere Texas".  Pulled off at an exit, just the two of us with nothing else in sight.  However, we were not alone - could hear a rattlesnake off in the not too far distance.

Ah, the plains of Texas and those ranches we were talking about.

Cadillac Ranch - Amarillo, Texas  (Thanks Steven and Sandy for the tip - FUN!)

Sparks Shout Out from the Cadillac Ranch!


Welcome to New Mexico!

What an awesome, and unexpected surprise!!  Beautiful!

Beautiful mountains heading in to Albuquerque.

It was a long day but awesome!  We left Broken Arrow, OK at 10:00 AM and traveled for 14 hours, crossing another time zone, and arrived in Winslow, AZ at 10:00 PM MST.  The Nuclear Fusion doing great at 35 MPG despite going 80 MPH most of the time.  Holding it's own against the "millions" of 18 wheelers!  By the way, gas prices $3.13 in Albuquerque.  Just goes to show you that New York State tax dollars are hard at work??

Headed to the Grand Canyon and Sedona today!

Check back for more adventures with Thelma and Lewis!! 

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