Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Sparks Official Team Car is on the road!!!

In the usual and expected Underriner style, we left 5 hours later than the expected departure time.  We picked up the Fusion, packed her to the gills and hit the road at 5 PM.

Couldn't resist a stop to snap a pic on Route 20 of the beautiful hills of Cazenovia ablaze in fall colors (even in the misty rain).  Surely, they will be long gone when we return home!

Arrived in Sunbury, Ohio at 12:45 AM.  Larry is thrilled with the "American-made"  transportation choice with MPG coming in at 34.3.  He had some trepidation about the Ford rental remembering our very last American car experience with a Ford Taurus wagon blowing it's engine at 35,000 miles and stranding us mid-trip to Kiawah.  Hard to forget that one!! 

Stay tuned for the adventures from Sunbury to Tulsa, Oklahoma today!          

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  1. Hi Thelma and Lewis. Looks like great fun! Mike and Ruth are at the airport ready to board. Can't wait until we are all together. GO SPARKS!!!!