Friday, October 28, 2011

It's Show Time !!! Day 8

We started our day out with a Shout Out from Ruth's cat, Charlie!!! 

Well, 5:45 AM came pretty early this morning!  Off to the courts to warm-up at 6:30 AM so we could begin our match at 7:30 AM.  It was Sparks vs. Florida and Sparks were victorious!!!!!!  It was a great match and great tennis for all of us.

Check out the scenery in the background.   Hard to believe that it's real.  What an amazing opportunity for all of us to be here!

Cindy and Mary getting it done!

Bodhi going for a backhand.  Look at that form!!

Happy Faces!!!!

Spent some time cooling down after the match, hydrating, hydrating, hydrating and discussing strategy for our next match at 10:30.

 Our next match was Sparks vs. Mid-Atlantic (Virginia).  More awesome tennis, but not as happy an outcome.  While it wasn't what we had hoped for, we all played very well with some third-set tie-breakers.  Tomorrow brings another exciting day.  Tomorrow's results will dictate if we go into the finals on Sunday.   Send good vibes our way!  Stay tuned.       

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